A Guide to the Best 2015 Mobile Phone Deals in the UK

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If you want to get the best mobile phone deals in the UK, read this guide today. This guide provides an overview of not only the best handsets, but also the best UK networks that will give you amazing offers. When talking about the best deals, it is worth giving a significant mention to lowest upfront fees. The best deals should also have a minimum data allowance of around 1GB as well.

Therefore, what are the best 2015 mobile phone deals in the UK?

  • iPhone 6S

This is arguably the best phone to have come out of the Apple factories. Not only is it a brilliant phone, but the amazing features that it has makes it a must-have smartphone device in the UK today. The 3D touch allows users to do unimaginable tasks with the phone depending on the intensity with which they press it.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6

It is a favorite of many UK consumers. Smartphone enthusiasts in the UK rank this phone highly. With a super sharp screen, amazing camera that captures excellent photos and it’s idealness for media work, purchasing this phone will leave you a very happy Smartphone user. The only downsides to this phone include costs and an average battery life.

  • iPhone 6

The fact that iPhone 6 is now available at lower rates for the UK consumers should convince them to get it as soon as possible. It is a great upgrade to iPhone 5S. With a better keyboard, larger screen and improved battery life, iPhone 6 should be the latest addition to your collection of Smartphone devices.

  • HTC One M9

The phone not only has excellent looks, but the matching features are worth whatever price you have to pay for it. With a good camera, premium design and excellent quality of build, owning the HTC One M9 should be on top of your list of priorities. The weak performance of its battery might not be an attraction, but the phone is still worth having.

The next issue worth evaluating is the quality of service that UK mobile phone networks provide. In the UK, the leading networks include BT Mobile, EE, Three, O2, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile, and giffgaff. Some of these networks operate on the platform that other networks provide. Some of the networks are also under the ownership of their competitors. Choosing the best network depends on individual needs in addition to the perks and extras you find attractive.

To determine whether a network is worth your money or not, evaluate the 3G and 4G coverage that each one provides. In 2014, Three and EE performed remarkably in several areas, thus proving popular choices with the UK consumer. Average as well as peak scores in terms of speed all over the UK provided a stern test for the various networks, where some performed well and others did dismally.

Therefore, if you ever needed a guide into some of the best 2015 mobile phone deals in the UK in addition to getting an idea regarding the best-performing networks, your mind should be made up by now.

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