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about us

If you are looking for a place where you can get reliable information on mobile phone news, then Essence Phones is the place to be. A top website dedicated to enlightening individuals on new phone releases, comparing various mobile phones and enlightening individuals on the latest gadgets to hit the market, Essence Phones is without a doubt the place to get it all. We are committed to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers and ensure that we provide them with all round mobile phone news. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur when it comes to mobile phones or if you are so versed, at Essence Phones, we have everything for everyone.

With our dedicated customer personnel, we are always looking forward to providing our customers with the best experience. Our customer service personnel are always ready and willing to help with information on mobile phones and can help you make a decision especially if you are stuck on which kind of model to go for. Conversely, we also offer advice on mobile phone contracts and enlighten our valued customers on the dos and don’ts when applying for mobile phone contracts. If you are in a dilemma on what type to go for whether it’s an iPhone, a Samsung galaxy or a HTC phone, we can always help you make an informed decision.

We strive to ensure that our customers’ needs are not only met but that they are exceeded. We believe in according our customers the best experience by ensuring that we provide them with quality information on mobile phones news.