Stats and Facts on Mobile Phone Usage in the UK

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In the UK, the use of mobile phones has been in existence since the 1980s. This is why the UK boasts of 89.9 million mobile subscribers today. Fifteen years ago, 50 percent of the adults in the UK owned a mobile phone. In 2015, the number of UK adults who own a mobile phone has almost doubled to 93 percent. Currently, smartphones take up 66 percent of the mobile phone market in the UK.

Preference for Mobile Phones

By the end of 2014, 15 percent of all adults in the UK said that they lived in a home that had at least one working mobile phone but no fixed line or landline. Adults aged 15 years and above use the mobile phone daily for an average of 87 minutes in the UK. The same adults claim that they spend around 43 minutes on activities that would be impossible to undertake without the assistance of Internet connectivity.

Adults spend around 44 minutes on their mobile phones on activities that they can do with or without Internet connectivity. Such activities include the following:

  • Playing games
  • Listening to music on their phone libraries or storage
  • Phone calls

Customer Satisfaction

At the end of Q1 in 2015, the level of customer satisfaction among the UK consumers stood at 89 percent. This shows the pleasure that the UK customer takes in the quality of mobile phone services from the providers. By June 2014, around 99.7 percent of all homes and offices in the UK had access to outdoor 2G coverage from a minimum of one operator. The levels of coverage are dependent on topography as well as population densities.

3G and 4G Coverage

Around 99.3 percent of the same UK premises boasted of 3G coverage. Lately, 89.5 percent of the same premises have been able to enjoy 4G coverage. By the end of the first quarter in 2015, 61 percent of all UK adults were able to use their mobile phones to access the Internet. In fact, mobile telephone is at the heart of the ability of the UK economy to compete. Similarly, mobile telephony continues to play a crucial role in promotion of social inclusion in the UK.

A year ago, take-up of tablet devices in households across the UK stood at 44 percent. Two years ago, the take-up was at 24 percent. Three years ago, the take-up was at a measly 11 percent. On the other hand, 2015 has seen the take-up of tablet devices in the UK households rise to an impressive 54 percent. Currently, around 33 percent of Internet users prefer Smartphone devices for accessing the Internet. The use of laptop to access the Internet stands at 30 percent.

The volume of calls that the UK users make from mobile phones has increased to more than 137 billion minutes. What this shows is that the UK user prefers the mobile phone for communication and entertainment today. Landline or fixed line usage has dropped significantly in the last few years. More than 66 percent of all UK adults now own at least one smartphone. Each month, at least one person sends an average of 117 SMS and MMS.

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